Surf In Nicaragua

Surf Nicaragua is a fantastic option for those who are enthusiastic about the sport. This less well known surfing destination offers an array of beautiful, uncrowded beaches and perfect surfing offshore winds.

Surfing In Nicaragua: The Advantages

Central America hosts a number of countries which are well known for their surf. Nicaragua is considered one of the less well known gems. Surfing in Nicaragua is great for enthusiasts because the beaches are far less crowded.  This allows the region to remain a calmer and less explored area for surfers.

There are a number of reasons why Nicaragua is such an interesting country in which to surf. Lake Nicaragua is located south of the region of the country. Its huge size, stretching over 8,000 square kilometres, creates a surface over which winds can flow nearly all yearlong. This produces an offshore wind, coined the Papagayo Wind, in this area of the Pacific Ocean. These winds are basically constant throughout the day, unlike other regions surrounding this particular sea. This means that, in general, surf Nicaragua is possible whenever you feel like taking out your board. The best known areas for the Papagayo Wind are within Rivas in San Juan del Sur and Tola, the latter being the most highly acclaimed for surfing Nicaragua worldwide.

For surf, Nicaragua is a fantastic country to visit. Its long coastline is studded with an array of pristine beaches which offer great offshore winds for surfing in Nicaragua.

Surf Nicaragua is perfect whether you’re just starting out or a professional. Its stunning coastline, jutting out into two oceans, offers a collection of amazing surfing spots perfect for catching waves most of the year.