About La Vista Eco Properties

Richard Cowen – Developer

Rich always had an interest in real estate and with an eye for location and amenities he purchased his first property in Mexico, a parcel that fronted the worlds longest "left hand wave". Before La Vista, Rich’s largest development was a five-acre enclave on the island of Roatan, Honduras where he established roads, power and water utilities. Designated as one of the world’s Top 10 diving locations, all the lots sold and he remains the owner of a house on the island visiting it a few times each year.

While traveling and scouting locations for his next development, Rich discovered La Vista in 2007. While walking a stretch of beach Rich was introduced to the Ramirez family, owners of 300 acres of the lush and tropical property that was to become known as La Vista. Named for the sweeping views, the La Vista development was born after discussions with the Ramirez family, a tight-knit family that shared the same desires as Rich: a special location that afforded privacy, serenity, low impact amenities, and off-the-grid simplicity keeping in tune with nature and her surroundings.

Rich visits La Vista every six weeks year round, spending three months during the winter where he continues improving the amenities while enjoying the camaraderie of the local residents. Rich continues to achieve his vision of establishing a fully operational and self-sustainable community while developing amenities that encourages health oriented activities and ecological friendly living.

Email: Info@lavisanicaragua.com

in U.S.A: 508-725-9675

Phone: 011-505-891-48522

Roger Zapata – La Vista Administrator

Roger was born in Rivas, Nicaragua in 1980. He studied business administration at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Nicaragua, were he graduated in 2001, He also took English courses at Academia de Ingles Ave Maria, now a mayor university and one of the finest English school in the country, also graduating in 2001.

After graduation, Roger travel back and forth to the U.S. visiting his parents in California, also traveling to Mexico, Honduras, Panama, and Guatemala and working in the family's transportation business.in Rivas, traveling and visiting most of the country in the process.

Roger meat Richard, Daniel and Clint in 2008 and immediately took Rich's vision of a eco-friendly, self-sustained, of the grid project, using his knowledge of the area and language to help out in the projects early phases. He left the project in 2011 to pursue other interests, but returned in 2013 as project administrator.

Roger currently lives in Rivas, is married and has a 1 year old son. He likes to watch American football and is a Patriots fan.

Email: rzlavistanicaragua@gmail.com

Skype: rabbet2301

Phone (in Nicaragua): 505-8440-8876

John St. Onge – US Sales and Marketing

"Jono" is a La Vista Properties Landowner/Investor and longtime friend of Developer Richard Cowen. He was born and raised in the Boston, MA area, where he currently resides. He is a twenty year veteran police officer in the Boston area. He holds an Associates Degree in Business Management, Bachelors Degree in Law Enforcement and a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice Administration.

First, and foremost, he is a dedicated, single, father to his four year old daughter, named “Summer.” Known for his love of the ocean, fishing, warm weather and beautiful, sunny beaches (as you may have guessed by his daughter’s name), Nicaragua was "love at first sight" for him when Jono visited for the first time with Richard in 2009. While winding down his career in law enforcement, he decided to join Richard’s team and is now the U.S. Contact and Marketing/Sales Representative for La Vista Properties.

Although Jono resides in Boston for the majority of the winter months and on the island of Martha’s Vineyard for the majority of the summer, La Vista is Jono’s and Summer’s new vacation destination, and they plan on visiting their Nicaraguan home several times a year.

Email: jono@lavistanicaragua.com
Phone: 617-967-7851